Questions & Answers



Stoner Boat Launch, Shreveport 


1. What do we need to bring in order to clean the river on event day? 

Everything you need to safely pick up trash will be given to you at registration which starts at 8:00am. 

Registration will be under the pavilion at Stoner Boat Launch in Shreveport. You will sign a waiver, receive a wrist band, a free event t-shirt, pickers, gloves, a drawstring backpack with trash bags and bottled water. 

2.  What should I wear?

Because we are picking up trash and there is a good chance you will get a bit dirty, we do not recommend wearing your Sunday best. 

We DO recommend wearing long pants, sneakers, long sleeved tshirt and to bring a jacket for the cooler morning weather.  

3. How do we know where to begin picking up trash? 

‚ÄčOnce you are finished registering, you will be greeted by a RRC guide. They will escort you to 3 canopies where you will be asked if you prefer to ride a boat, ride a shuttle/bus, or casually walk along the river, pathways on Clyde Fant. 

Boat riders will be escorted to waiting boats, given a life jacket and taken to designated spots along the river to cleanup trash. 

Shuttle/bus riders will be escorted to waiting vehicles and be driven to designated areas along the river to cleanup trash. 

4. What do you do with all the trash that is collected?

The trash that can be recycled is and all the trash is weighed after it is hauled away. 

5. Prizes! 

Each volunteer will receive a ticket for a chance to win a prize. Winners will be announced at 1pm during lunch. Winners must be present to win. 

6. What is the minimum age to volunteer? 

Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or group leader.