​ ​The Bayou to Bay Watershed Project recognizes that the work of watershed protection begins with experiential education at an early age. Since 2012, Bayou to Bay has provided school year programming for eight public and private schools within the city of Shreveport. This programming includes teacher workshops, school presentations, watershed assignments, field trips and annual “Play Days” at the local Red River National Wildlife Refuge. By including outdoor recreation and play, on and near our waterways, students experience and understand the connection between consumption, litter, and watershed protection. 


Jon Soul and his watershed project Bayou to Bay mission is to improve the health of children and waterways through education, action, and play. The Red River Cleanup is honored to team up with such a passionate teacher who shares the same love of the Earth as we do.  

We love Shreveport/Bossier City. We all are raising kids here, work here and are looking forward to our twin cities growing and prospering throughout the years. But if we are dirty, we are not attractive to other companies that may have an interest in moving or developing their business here. That certainly will not help our cities grow. 

So what can you, a noble, moral citizen do to increase our attractiveness? You can start by not throwing down that cigarette butt, coffee cup, food bag, soda can, water bottle. Instead, hold on to it and dispose of it properly when you get home or walk it to the nearest trash container. 

Here is a quick Watershed lesson for you: 

If you throw your trash on the ground, you transfer that responsibility to someone else to pick up. If that someone else does not pick up after YOU and it rains, that trash gets washed into a drainage ditch, or it stops somewhere and gets bigger and bigger. 

Now, if the trash makes it into a drainage ditch it quietly strolls down to a tributary or bayou which feeds into a lake or you guessed it..... our beautiful Red River that connects our wonderful two cities. And if we do not keep our Red clean, it feeds into the Gulf which should remain a vacation destination, not a trash destination.



Stoner Boat Launch, Shreveport