On the first Saturday of November, residents from Shreveport and Bossier show their community pride by gathering along the Red River to remove trash and debris from the water and it's surrounding areas. 
A clean river and banks is not only pleasing to the eye but promotes a healthy city. 
The Red River Cleanup promotes watershed education which zeroes in on how the trash got to the river and what to do to prevent it.

For the past six years, more than 1,630 volunteers have participated in clearing 49,436 pounds of trash from the Red River and its surrounding areas. 


Fun is a big part of our mission and after everyone has picked up their share of trash, volunteers are rewarded with free lunch donated by local restaurants and awarded prizes in our Crazy Trash Find contest. 


The Louisiana Triple Crown 

October 1st 8:00am

Arthur Teague Parkway Boat Launch

RRC is happy to be the hosts to this incredibly grueling kayak/canoe paddling marathon race. Mark your calendars and come on down to support our South Louisiana friends.

The Lousiana Triple Crown is 3 canoe and kayak races wrapped in one intense paddling marathon race totaling 410 grueling miles. Starting in Shreveport-Bosseir City, La and ending in Berwick, La. 
The breakdown of each races is as follows: 
•Tour de la Rivière Rouge is a 275-mile adventure race from Shreveport-Bossier City down the Red River into the Atchafalaya to Krotz Springs, with a motor portage to Bayou Courtableau and a finish at Port Barre. This is a straight-through, round-the-clock race with no physical checkpoints. Racers have 130 hours to finish.
•Tour du Teche 135, is a three-day, 135-mile staged race down the entire length of Bayou Teche. “Staged” means that it is run in three stages or courses: 49 miles from Port Barre to St. Martinville; 59 miles from St. Martinville to Franklin; and 27 miles from Franklin to Berwick.
•410 de Louisiane, is a combination of Tour du Teche and Rivière Rouge, back-to-back. Racers start with Tour de la Rivière Rouge on the Saturday before Tour du Teche 135, and start again with Tour du Teche 135 on the first Friday in October.
Paddlers in each of the five Pro Racing classes of Tour du Teche who compile the fastest combined time in all three races at the end of the 2017 races will have their names engraved in granite at the iconic red lighthouse finish line in Berwick. And there will be cash prizes as well. The Triple Crown pot stands at $5,000 currently and the hunt is on for sponsors to make it grow

To learn more: http://tourduteche.com/louisiana-triple-crown/

49,436 lbs removed